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Pain Prison

by Distressor

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Feeling Betrayed and disgraced Put all you punk motherfuckers Dead in your place Destruction Now your trusts laid to waste Just a stab in the back And spit in your face The whole world comes crashing down Life would be better without you around Leech in the scene is all you are Weakest link in the chain by far Banishment shall be your punishment Don’t look for us when you feel regret You’re a stain that can be washed out Now just fade out Act like a dog get treaded like a dog Constantly chained and in the back yard Door is closed on your return Just a dog that will never learn
Gotta stand on my two feet And rise above the pain I was blind but now I see The error in my ways I’m never going back never going back To the bottom again I’m never going back never going back For my family and friends Now I gotta search inside And find the strength to prevail Over my vice in life And I will not fail No more weakness No more bitter tears Now bear witness My fight for better year
Everyone always leaves So why should I stay Born a failure it seems I just got to get away Not knowing your true motive It’s like I'm stuck in slow motion Waiting for answers that will never come No forgiveness even if you were just Ancestry denied Dig you up and kill you twice Your blood pumps in my veins I remain never to be whole again Dragged face first with a barbed wire noose Destined from birth to a misled youth
Resist 02:04
Nothing comes easy in this life Stand up and fucking fight Give everything we have to give Put our heart and soul in this There’s no time to be weak Strength through the words we speak Stand up and fight With this brand new day We will have our say Oppress us no longer We will rise and conquer Complacency is submission All they want is division Tear down this system It’s time to resist them
Power 01:42
Dreams of holding power Right up until his final hour Slide over to the apartments Need to tend to a sudden problem Seeking dominance over another Man that you used to call brother This got out of hand Rage no one else can understand Dreams of holding power Right up until his final hour Ring the bell buzzed right in Play it cool though you’re fighting The rage that brought you here Call over the man that was your peer Small talk sparks the end Pull the piece put it to his head Staring into his dead eyes Testing a man who’s willing to die Pull the trigger now you’re on the run Live by the gun die by the gun City swallows you up Sold your soul but it wasn't enough
Line your pockets With blood stained profits Sell the devil Killing the good and evil Business of disgrace Meet deaths cold embrace Your time is up We’ve all had enough Does the bottle pipe or needle Imprison all types of people Escapism in our society Taught to not face reality Who’s more to blame? The dealer or the doctor Or are they the same For the shit they offer
Twisted words Creating twisted thoughts Shift in blame its absurd Always making me feel lost Somedays I hate you A shell of me you drag on No remorse for the things you do But I'm the one who's wrong Manipulate Forced to see your way Instigate A fight with hell to pay One day you will see I won’t be there One day you will learn That life isn't fair Your evil ways will haunt you That’s guaranteed Manipulation is through No longer on my knees Rejoice in your demise Pray for suffering in your life
Unshackled 02:05
At the bottom one can lose their hope on can lose their faith Through a gun pill or rope I can choose my own fate But will I find what I’m looking for will I find relief No gods can save me from my own mortality Are brighter days ahead? Or will I find more rain I won’t be fucking hopeless Smash through all the pain Self-isolation will be no more Change myself down to the core Mental fog will be lifted from me Hard road but I won’t be fatigued
Pain Prison 02:14
Evil lurking behind my eyes Too sick to realize Rambling on not making sense No end in sight to this mess Loss of reality loss of self Skewed thoughts living hell Locked away pacing the halls Signs of hope line the walls You wanna regulate my whole life This pain prison filled me with spite How did I end up here? Living out my worst fears Please teach me how to live Something has got to give Preach to me about inner peace I still want time to cease Maybe I'm broken deep down To this depression I am bound
Patience runs thin Rage boiling within Hate sustains me One day I’ll be free But my anger drives me forward Flame can’t be smothered Rage is unstoppable Here anything’s possible From myself I can't hide War inside with my pride I'm ready to explode Please leave me alone God why did you burden me With a fault no one else can see


released August 27, 2018

Recorded Mixed and Mastered By Ryan Stack at Format Audio in Amesbury MA

Artwork By The Rotting Mess
@therottingmess on instagram


all rights reserved



Distressor Lynn, Massachusetts

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