by Distressor

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released November 19, 2014

Distressor on this recording:
vocals: Susie Layhe
Drums: Kevin Lally
Rhythm guitar: Jesse Potter
Lead Guitar: Mike Bourgeois
Bass: Matt Gould.

Recorded by Sean Fitzpatrick at The Brick Hithouse in Hyannis MA

Artwork by Clint Wood



all rights reserved


Distressor Lynn, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Just Breathe
This is just my opinion
Cut me away from this system

Cycle of hate, we can break
Try to give instead of take

For years I’ve been ignorant
Stuck in my ways, not giving a shit
But nothing good comes from that
Just more misery and that’s a fact

This is just my opinion
Cut me away from this system

Don’t walk all over your friends
Or project your issues onto them
Relax and breathe
Track Name: Cruise Control
Can’t slow down
In a world that moves to fast
Living to lose now
These times weren’t meant to last
Can’t slow down

Making the same mistakes
Hoping for something to change
These nights I can’t shake
Stuck searching for something that’s non-existent

The worst is yet to come
I don’t know what I’m running from
I just can’t slow down
Track Name: World Collapse
Watch the world collapse
As they sit back and laugh
Out of line get beat down
Fear the people who think for themselves

When did things get so bad?
It’s like everyone has gone mad
So eager to strip you of your rights
Too complacent to stand and fight
Addicted to this fake connection
This is your new obsession
Lulled to sleep by your phones
Zombies that look like clones

Your food has turned to poison
Your news is hand chosen

Ignorant but are you happy
Ask is this really happening
Open your eyes and change
Or be a pawn in the government’s game

World Collapse
Track Name: Devils Hand
I went to school with plenty of ghosts
In those days things weren’t so cold
What made things turn out this way
Why did you just drift away?

Maybe you got in too deep
I’ve wondered what it’s like to sink
Called me when you fell off
I thought all hope was lost
Years past and you got clean
Had a life and everything

The devil wanted one night out
The fight of your life and you lost the bout
Track Name: H.N.S.
The world doesn't revolve around you
When did you get so delusional?
To me you’re just another face
The truth leaves you with a sour taste
Want me to jump at the drop of a hat
You’re just a spoiled fucking brat
My boss doesn't get no love from me
Looking at them there ain't much to see

Walk all over me like I'm a slave
Just a rebel that can't behave
Won’t be tame for dirt pay
Spit in your face and punch out for the day